Career guidance typically starts when a student pass class 12th and wish to pursue a vocational/professional course of his/her choice. Sometimes parents also have a say in what vocation/job their children will join. More often it has been observed that parents want one professional course for their son/daughter and s/he wants an entirely different course. Another thing is that most of the students remain undecided or confused about what they want to pursue after 10+2 . Whatever information they have about career comes from their peer group, parents, elder brothers and sisters, neighbors etc. Often this information is incomplete or erroneous. In such a scenario students remain confused and undecided and they wait till they pass class XII.

Ideally foundation of career decision should start from class X. In this age of cut throat competition, students who decide about their career and start preparing early are always at an advantageous position than those who remain confused and undecided till they pass class XII. Another important facet is knowing well what course is suitable for one’s personality, strength and liking? As it happens, sometime people are caught in jobs they don’t like. How can one enjoy one’s job when it is not his/her liking? Knowing yourself well- knowing your career inclination, your personality type, your strengths, your likings etc. is the very first and important step in career decision making. Many students regret their choice of career later simply because they didn’t took in to consideration above mentioned factors.

After spending nearly a decade in career guidance & counseling and helping thousands of students it was finally decided that a concerted effort shall be made through which students who are desirous to make forays in to different professional/vocational fields can get all relevant information at one go which will be instrumental in their career decision making. This took shape in the form of Anil Sharma Training systems which is dedicated to career guidance & counseling as well as corporate trainings.

Today, scores of students and schools are being benefitted by our career guidance programs.

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